• 2. Module 2: Steps to designing

    Here, you can learn all the neccessary steps to becoming a creator of your very own flipped classroom approach.

    The objective of the design of a flipped classroom lesson is to maximize student participation in online and offline activities.

    It is important to analyse the context in which this will take place, set out the objectives pursued and the methodologies to use. These should consider the development of activities in the classroom and outside the classroom in order to encourage creativity in students as well as their motivation, besides accepting the error, since this is part of the learning process.

  • Overview

  • Module 1: The theory behind

  • Module 3: Flip it

  • Module 4: EON-XR

  • Module 5: Creating video's with Screencast-o-Matic

  • Module 6: Interactive tools (H5P)

  • Module 7: Presentations live training

  • Test your knowledge!